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iPillow - my pillow, my music - speakers within the comfort of a pillow



 I suffer from insomnia and have relied on radio and then my iPod to help me sleep.  The ear plugs on the iPod made it difficult to get comfortable enough to sleep though. Your wonderful iPillow, needs no ear plugs, connects straight into the pillow from my ipod and gives instant pleasure and comfort, surrounded by the sounds I enjoy. 

Sent by Lyn

 Thank you so much for developing such a wonderful product. The ability to play my much loved tunes while relaxing in comfort on my bed and without annoying everyone else in my bed is superb. 

Sent by Mark W

 I am really pleased with the pillow. I used it last night, and it certainly beats a 3 piece sound system and a pile of CD's sitting on the bedside table. Thank you for your excellent and prompt service, a great product, and I hope your business thrives, you deserve it. 

Sent by Maureen S

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iPillow® - Sleep with music

Music lovers everywhere can now relax. iPillow® is here.

It is a revolutionary new headphone within the comfort of a pillow and it sounds great.

The benefits are already well known to many, especially to those who suffer from insomnia.

  • iPillow® removes the need to use headphones in bed
  • Quality sound to be enjoyed within the comfort of a pillow
  • Virtually impossible to feel
  • Broken headphones are gone forever

iPillow® is a patented, unique inbuilt speaker system within the comfort of a pillow. It can be connected to all types of electronic devices that contain a headphone connection. These devices typically are portable music devices, mobile phones, CD players, radios and even include some TVs. No further batteries are required with an iPillow®.

Manufactured in Australia using local & imported contents

Why iPillow?

Portable music devices have changed the way that we listen to our music forever. Currently, uncomfortable headphones or ear buds annoy us when we are relaxing or sleeping. The iPillow® eliminates this discomfort by allowing us access to a new revolutionary headphone within the comfort of a pillow.

iPillow® is suitable for any person who listens to music, as it provides comfort and privacy using whatever audio equipment that the person wants to use, provided that it has a headphone connection. Practical examples of benefits of the iPillow® are:

  • Adults can now listen to music in bed without annoying their partners beside them.
  • Anyone living in shared accommodation can listen to music without disturbing others in the same room.
  • Teenagers can play their music at a higher volume without disturbing Mum or Dad.
  • Students can listen to their taped lectures or audio tapes to help them with their studies.
  • Insomniacs can listen to music whilst trying to get to sleep.
  • The elderly can now have a headphone that is comfortable and discreet whilst still allowing them to use their more familiar equipment such as a radio or even a suitable TV.
  • The physically disabled can listen to music comfortably and free of annoying headsets.
  • Travellers can listen to their music in the comfort of their travelling iPillow®.